April 21, 2015

Political Chicanery In Shoreacres City Council Election?

Early voting for local elections in Texas begins on April 27. As is customary in many communities, Shoreacres city council candidate David Jennings placed some campaign signs for himself and fellow candidate Nancy Schnell on public property (outside of the right of way) near city hall, which is the early voting and election day polling place..


What happened next is. . . interesting.


Oh dear. What do we have here? Why is a city employee removing legally placed campaign signs?

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Comments on Political Chicanery In Shoreacres City Council Election?

Because he can?

|| Posted by Fox2!, April 21, 2015 09:10 PM ||

Thought no candidate signs were allowed at City Hall until 7 days before the election...NOT early voting? Does this mean the candidates don't have to follow the rules but the residents do? You threatened the City with a lawsuit? So now our hard earned tax dollars will be spent paying for a city attorney enforcing codes, certain candidates feel they do not have to follow? Or you and Schnell get to run a muck doing whatever you want? Does that mean everyone else gets to do whatever they want? Where did you go when you left City Hall? I know... to the Shell gas station to purchase beer which you were drinking behind the wheel at the pier, then suddenly decided to haul butt when you were spotted...through my neighborhood where my children play? Maybe we should all grab a 6 pack and start cruising through the neighborhood posting our own F&%@ you signs while chugging beers? You sir, in my opinion are a cancer to our community. I pray to God that you and Schnell do not get elected. These shenanigans you two are pulling, are a blatant disrespect to our community and the voters. You should be ashamed! Between you, Schnell, and Hoskins (who works at a pizza place...which is fine if this was dominos) are not fit for council and would be suicide to our community.

|| Posted by Fedup, April 23, 2015 02:14 AM ||

According to the attorney at Texas Municipal League and defined by Texas Government Code Chapter 61.003 the election is a period not a single date. That period begins the first day a vote can be cast. Our city states 7 days prior to an election, not election day. Therefore the election begins Monday, April 27.

|| Posted by Nancy Schnell , April 23, 2015 05:35 PM ||

Now it is unclear if you are accusing me or David of the offenses in question. If me, you have a serious case of mistaken identity. If David, I suspect the reason you have hidden behind an alias may have to do with trying to make you judgement-proof.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, April 23, 2015 07:33 PM ||

Dear Fedup,

Please provide me with your address. I'd be happy to send you a letter as well. Just as the First Amendment doesn't protect over burdening speech, it doesn't protect intentionally malicious speech.

|| Posted by Briscoe Cain, April 25, 2015 12:35 PM ||

Wow! The citizens of Shoreacres will never learn...FIRST OFF...there's no need to be so cut throat to another person unless you are feeling threatened...we rid ourselves of bad public officials by supporting our community and encouraging others to vote and educate everyone on pros and cons of each of the canidates. Everyone in this city contributes to the poised when they fail to do their part to campaign for those we desire to be in office. My personal opinion is that this city only has one person who runs it and he's not an elected, unfortunately, but because the majority of our city fails to be active in city politics or meetings to make positive changes as a whole we are forced to suffer the highest paid taxes and very little city services. The elected officials should stand for positive change and to make sure our best interest are all protected. The current general feeling of those not attending is they are unheard and no results... We the citizens should require that EMPLOYEE CONTRACTS are not safety nets for people to monopolize our community. I personally think our city like others would benefit from a larger less controlled city hall. Checks and Balances are there to ensure all parties are honest and fair. The beer on the golf cart was a no-no and should be claimed by and apologized for the lack of good judgement because as a city councilman you should be a role models because you represent those that elected you. Shoreacres has no diversity in council because no one takes a stand for the people who voted for's the powerful campaign promises and total failure to listen to those that elected them. City council isn't a position where you are elected because we trust your judgment and you are our are an elected official by the people for the people...and to clarify the people who live in our community...If there was one thing to be said about our council and mayors of the past...and I am only stating facts that are clear...not one councilman of the past or mayor has taken the time to encourage the community to attend and be active or show up to educate themselves on our city business or up coming important matters! Now Jayo...I give you props for your community events from craw fish to easter egg hunts...Thank you...There's no one person that has an opinion more important than one that lives here! I am still waiting for the person that is worthy to stand and listen...although last time Stalls took out the open forum and now it's 5 min or sit dwn. Is there no one person that has the ability to hold themselves as an elected public official in all its copasity without being out witted by control of those that are hired and unable to vote! I still have faith that we will take back our city and that the majority of elected officials take a step back and reassess the position and the responsibility they are taking on! To those people that have held past elected positions...when we leave this earth the only thing that lives on is who we are and the impressions left...from our ethics, morals to our honesty, integrity or the lack of and the importance of asking someone to allow you to represent their best interest by their vote for you trusting you will at least inquire or listen to those that request. Employees are not allowed to decide our fate muchless monoplise this community unless the continuance of neglect and down right lack of responsibility or reckless self indulged actions of those elected fail to uphold. I personally think that there's no dignity or compassion to those that fail to uphold since the cost of our rights are the lives our military. Now we all could use a good helping of humility...Those that are offended my greatest apologies that you were elected by mistake and that your visions of your greatness were clouded by bad judgment! The voice of the people for the people...if your job is stressful and your time is short...and you can't make time to invite and mend the relationship of our community and council we don't need you! If you listen to only your neibors and make no effort to seek out the community by email or phone or a drop card to the council not Davis Stall you should be at the meeting and not in a position...we need those that are clearly open minded and that will reach or put in such effort to uphold what our military dedicates their lives to...knowledge is power! Ignorance isn't an excuse for lack of effort! When elected officials or those that are offended by an opinion or judgement it's quite humorous because the ability to be sound in your decisions based on an educated analysis gives you a foundation and constructive criticism is welcomed...the uneasy angered guy is the one that yells negative remarks is the south end of a baboon that lacks alot!

|| Posted by Sara Andrews, May 9, 2015 12:09 AM ||

Rhymes With Right - Political Chicanery In Shoreacres City Council Election?

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